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Blog-Beitrag 2 von Marie Jõgi, Stipendiatin 2020/2021

Blog Interior Scholarship
April 2021
Bloggerin: Marie Jõgi

In my second blog post I would like to introduce one smaller project of my autumn semester that took place for 3rd year students at Estonian Academy of Arts.

The project itself was about designing an inflatable object. But at first we were thinking and looking around us for problems or areas where we would like to go a bit deeper. As this project was in pairs, me and my group member (Grete-Loviis Saar) decided to look at the school/working environment around us. We noticed a lot of tiredness and decided to study this topic a bit more.

We looked at people around us and noticed the occasional need to rest the head. This was our inspiration to design an inflatable object that could be a little help in the long working days.

As this design object seemed to us as more comfort solution and maybe not for a long term. We were doing a bit more research in scientific studies about computer work and sitting.  We were thinking about both physical and mental tiredness and found out many different ways of relieve or how to make working healthier and more human friendly. For example, for physical tiredness there could be solutions like alternating sitting, walking, and standing or other different ways of sitting like kneeling or holding your back in 135 degrees.

This project was great for learning and thinking more deeply about a problem or aspect of life. I feel as a designer and especially when designing spaces for people it is important to also look into scientific research, so that the designed objects could bring more value or even to ask if the designed object is necessary.



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Blog-Beitrag 1 von Marie Jõgi, Stipendiatin 2020/2021

Blog Interior Scholarship
April 2021
Blogger Marie Jogi

In my first blog post I would like to describe a little bit my 3rd year students main project in autumn semester 2020 at Estonian Academy of arts. For me it stood out from all the previous school projects, due to its complexity and large area for designing.

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