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_(IR)RECOVERABLE RUIN_ – Catalina Dumitru, Stipendiatin 2020/2021

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Mai 2021
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Every construction represents an important modification to the territory — a modification which affects how people relate to the environment.
I am fascinated by the life cycle of the built environment. No matter how durable it was intended to be, everything is degrading. Despite our historicist sensibility that will not allow us to erase the past without feeling a little barbaric, despite our bravest hopes to preserve everything, I find it unnatural not to accept destruction. Degradation, yielding to the natural law, becomes a source of mystery and beauty, exactly because we cannot know about what lies beyond death.

Catalina Dumitru, Stipendiatin des Interior Scholarship 2020/21

März 2021
Blogger Catalina Dumitru

Von den Möglichkeiten des Interior Scholarships hat Catalina Dumitru durch ein Plakat an der Universität Bukarest erfahren. Dort studiert sie Innenarchitektur. Catalina Dumitru ist eine der vier Stipendiat*innen des mit insgesamt 24.000 Euro dotierten Interior Scholarships.

_memory excercise_ – Catalina Dumitru, Stipendiatin 2020/2021

Blog Interior Scholarship
Dezember 2020
Blogger Catalina Dumitru

For this semester, we were assigned to turn a 1911 building in Bucharest into a hotel. The building is located in the heart of the city center, close to one of the oldest parks – Cismigiu Gardens. It used to be called the Palace Hotel, one of the most luxurious hotels in Bucharest of the early 20th century. It is an eclectic construction with neoclassical and art nouveau elements. During the communist regime it changed its name to Hotel Cismgiu, and in 1990 it became the dormitory for the University of Theatre and Film, already in a devastating state of degradation.

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