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Uncontrolled Morphology using Biodiversity – Nobuyoshi Yokota, Stipendiat 2021/2022

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Januar 2022
Blogger Nobuyoshi Yokota

In this article, I would like to present my expedition to design with plants. It is neither a dualistic division between nature and humans, nor a design in which humans overly control nature. I sought a perspective on plant-centric design rather than human-centric design that would allow humans and plants to truly live together in the future. Specifically, I made a bowl-like object using the shape of the plant generated by temperature and humidity without my control.

Nobuyoshi Yokota, AIT Stipendiat der STO-Stiftung 2021/2022

Dezember 2021
Blogger Nobuyoshi Yokota

„With the development of technology, urbanization and industrialization are advancing, all things are being systematized, and efficiency, rationality, and convenience are being pursued. Even in the field of interior design, we design by simply combining mass-produced ready-made products like a puzzle.
However, I believe that a prosperous world is a world full of diversity and choices. And rather than over-controlling the environment by uniformly processing trees and plants as in previous designs, I believe that we should seek a variety of designs that coexist, resonate, and build an intimate relationship with all things and the natural environment that surrounds us like just as nature has evolved in a way that is appropriate for each region and overflows with diversity.“

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