Innovation Award Architecture+ Building – The winners have been determined!

For the 14th time the architectural journals AIT and xia Intelligente Architektur in cooperation with Messe München GmbH, have initiated the Innovation Award Architecture+ Building during the BAU fair in Munich. The Innovation Award is intended for manufacturers of innovative products and materials for the complete contract, industrial building segment and for residential construction, as well as for architects, interior designers and designers who work in these areas and have developed associated products. Participation was open to all exhibitors at the BAU who have registered their products for the Innovation Award Architecture+ Building.

The design and architecture award was initiated to honor products that correspond to the requirements of architects to a special degree. The prize recognizes conceptual project-specific solutions and selected products, which satisfy in design and functionality. Important assessment criteria were the authenticity of materials and the variety of application. This year the response was great and interbranching: a total of 82 companies with 93 products participated.

A jury of fifteen renowned architects and interior designers decided upon the winners on Monday January, 14th, 2019, the opening day of the BAU.

Jury (extract):
Felix Bembé, Beer Bembé Dellinger Architekten und Stadtplaner, Greifenberg (
Johannes Berschneider, Berschneider + Berschneider Architekten BDA + Innenarchitekten BDIA, Pilsach (
Michael Deppisch, Deppisch Architekten, Freising (
Ulrike Fukas, steidle architekten, Munich (
Florian Hartmann, Meili Peter Architekten, Munich (
John Höpfner, Haack & Höpfner, Munich (
Robert Hösle, Behnisch Architekten, Munich (
Sarai Metten, Nickl & Partner Architekten, Munich (
Muck Petzet, Muck Petzet Architekten, Munich (
Markus Probst, karlundp, Munich (
Susanne Rath, Allmann Sattler Wappner . Architekten GmbH, Munich (
Malte Rückert, freier Architekt, Auenwald (
Ina-Maria Schmidbauer, Palais Mai Gesellschaft von Architekten und Stadtplanern, Munich (
Georg Thiersch, 1zu33, Munich (
Melanie Wenderlein, Hirner und Riehl Architekten und Stadtplaner, Munich (

In the evening of January 14th, 2019, at the booth of the Innovation Award Architecture+ Building, approximatly 350 guests followed the festive award ceremony.
The following 20 products were awarded by the jury:

14th Innovation Award Architecture+ Building (2)

Product: Under-Cover Doorframe 25
Manufacturer: Bod’or KTM GmbH,, (B4 310)

Jury judgement:
The newly developed system made of gypsum composite fibre is an outstanding new product for interior completion. The simplicity of the construction and the high design standards convinced the jury.

Manufacturer: Evonik Resource Efficiency GmbH,, (A1 415)

Jury judgement:
We welcome the development of insulation materials from natural, mineral raw materials: CALOSTAT is non-combustible, water-repellent, and has a high compressive strength. With a lower wall thickness than comparable insulation materials, it meets current insulation requirements and contributes to economic construction and properly sorted recycling.

Special Recognition (4)

Product: arimeo classic S
Manufacturer: INNOPERFORM® GmbH,, (C4 210)

Jury judgement:
The product arimeo classic S is characterized by its invisibility. The award goes to a window rebate ventilator that impresses with its high efficiency and intelligent installation concept. arimeo is not inserted into the seal, but into the plastic window frame and can therefore be used across the entire width without any conflicts with other window components. A product that will greatly enrich everyday life in affordable residential construction. This makes it a very contemporary and innovative product!

Product: LobiSILENT – The acoustic solution
Manufacturer: Lobis Böden GmbH,, (A5 134)

Jury judgement:
With a three-layer wooden floorboard, interior completion is acoustically continued. The perforation in different diameters can be executed up to the edge of the floorboard. The acoustic structure is confirmed by corresponding measurement methods and values. In terms of design, the LobiSILENT wooden floorboard is an innovation that reflects the type of wood, the surface and the feel of the floor on the wall and ceiling. Flooring formats can be transferred to wall and ceiling.

Product: Integral construction system
Manufacturer: Renz Solutions GmbH,, (C2 121)

Jury judgement:
The company Renz Solution GmbH has developed a construction system that not only deals convincingly with room flexibility in terms of construction and design, but also integrates the technical systems – lighting, electricity, heating, and cooling. This enables short assembly and installation times as well as high acoustic insulation values.

Product: XT
Manufacturer: Secco Sistemi spa,, (C1 134)

Jury judgement:
The XT system from Secco Sistemi spa impressed the jury with the continuous optimization of a steel window section in various designs (in steel, bronze, corten steel). The sharp-edged finish and exceptionally narrow viewing widths unusual for cold-pressed profiles underline the elegant appearance.

Recognition (14)

Product: PIVOTDOOR air-lux
Manufacturer: Air Lux Technik AG,, (C3 139)

Jury judgement:
The technical development of an existing revolving door system with air seals, its functionality, and aesthetically pleasing appearance deserve a mention.

Product: AMORIM cork WISE
Manufacturer: AMORIM Deutschland GmbH,, (A5 328)

Jury judgement:
The jury sees the innovation in the newly developed manufacturing process. With this product, the company has achieved a generational change to a 100% PVC-free and 100% recyclable material. There are no limits to the design variety due to the possible individual arrangement of the cork material and the addition of different shades. The product is also characterized by high water resistance and abrasion resistance.

Product: LignoLoc® – The first collated nail made of wood
Manufacturer: Beck Fastener Group – Raimund Beck KG,, (C6 303)

Jury judgement:
Connecting wood with wood is an idea as old as building itself. Beyond tradition, the wooden nails from the Beck Fastener Group, which are driven into the timber with pneumatic nailers, make this technology available today on an industrial scale and for everyday construction work. The wood used for the nails forms a ‚welded joint‘ with the wood-based materials to be joined. The material-identical connection option also facilitates recycling and reuse of components later on.

Manufacturer: durlum GmbH,, (C2 329)

Jury judgement:
The combination of a directional and filigree louvre ceiling with spotlights enables variable room lighting with direct and indirect components and atmospheric gauze-like ceiling use. Especially the corona-like play of light on the ceiling impressed the jury.

Product: Flat roof window DXW
Manufacturer: FAKRO SP. Z O.O,¸ (A3 131)

Jury judgement:
A window system that can be installed flush in a flat roof impresses with a certified system. An integrated drainage system is used for a window format of 1.20 x 1.20 metres with anti-slip surface you can walk on. On the flat roof structure, it is possible to react on site with upstands. Internal glare protection is possible.

Product: Cross-laminated timber (BSP/CLT) with exclusive visible surfaces
Manufacturer: FHS Holzbau GmbH,, (B5 400)

Jury judgement:
In structural timber construction, this product combines construction with the design standards of high-quality interior completion. The jury acknowledges the combination of the prefabricated wood product, which is available in a sufficient number of native woods.

Product: GUTEX Pyroresist®
Manufacturer: GUTEX Holzfaserplattenwerk, H. Henselmann GmbH & Co. KG,, (B5 302)

Jury judgement:
The further development of wood fibre insulation boards for modern building construction offers a sustainable ecological alternative with the appropriate fire protection properties.

Product: GFB Light Shaft Optimus
Manufacturer: Hieber Betonfertigteilwerk GmbH,, (A2 336)

Jury judgement:
The GFB Light Shaft Optimus from Hieber, a prefabricated concrete element, is an unusually slim light shaft. Thanks to its carbon fibre reinforcement, it achieves a wall thickness of 3 cm under normal light shaft conditions and thus a lightweight status. It is made of white cement and thus facilitates the incidence of light. The thin thickness of the light shaft also allows simple details for attaching the outdoor installations.

Product: Conscient
Manufacturer: Interface Deutschland GmbH,, (A6 215)

Jury judgement:
By awarding Interface, we are honouring a carpet manufacturer who has been researching sustainability and reusability for years. The product „Conscient“ is a carpet tile made of 81% natural or recycled materials, the production of which has a negative CO2 balance. Installation is simple and uncomplicated and offers many possible combinations. The floor covering binds fine particles and contributes to a good indoor climate. It is possible to return and reuse 100% of the raw materials contained in the carpet. The product’s holistic approach convinced the jury.

Product: Mikado
Manufacturer: Jakob Schmid Söhne GmbH & Co. KG,, (A5 507)

Jury judgement:
The Mikado two-layer parquet floor impresses with its particularly hard surface, which is created by gluing individual strips of solid wood. The Fineline slats are available in three types of wood. The jury found the variant „sycamore maple“ with the black glue joint between the slats noteworthy. It is reminiscent of the section of a multiplex board. The surfaces are available sealed, pre-sanded, and oiled.

Product: Kebony Clear
Manufacturer: Kebony AS,, (B5 515)

Jury judgement:
With an ecologically simple process, the natural wood product can be used in outdoor areas in a sustainable way. The jury appreciates the further development of the product, which is now also suitable for modern timber construction on the façade.

Product: XC® Ceiling
Manufacturer: MMK Holz Beton Fertigteile GmbH,, (B5 309)

Jury judgement:
The combination of wood and concrete is of great importance for the construction of the future, which is based on a high level of prefabrication. The XC® ceiling impresses with a wide range of possible applications.

Manufacturer: RED HORSE®,, (C6 132)

Jury judgement:
Winbag Connect from the Danish manufacturer Red Horse is not a classic product from the construction and architecture sector, but it nevertheless convinces us as an innovation that can be useful for everyone at home. Winbag is an air cushion that can be continuously extended in number and add up to a weight of 450 kg by mechanical inflation. It can be used in many areas: precise positioning and levelling of doors or insertion of windows. The fibre-reinforced, flexible yet resistant material of the air cushion ensures a scratch-resistant, damage-free surface even with heavy loads and resistances.

Product: SageGlass Harmony
Manufacturer: SAGE Electrochromics, Inc.,, (C3 139)

Jury judgement:
Demands are constantly rising with regard to light input, heat input, glazing, and glare behaviour. This SageGlass product is capable of changing these properties electrochromically – continuously, seamlessly, and within a single pane. Thus, the product convinces not only with its advantages for individual and demand-oriented use but also with its aesthetic design options.

All participating products – including the awardees – will be displayed for the entire duration of the fair at the Innovation Award booth (EO.02/05/07). In addition, all participants will be published in a special issue of AIT and xia Intelligente Architektur.

Besides the Innovation Award Architecture+ Building, the journals AIT and xia Intelligente Architektur initiate innovation competitions for the lighting-, windows doors facades-, sanitary technology-, presentation- as well as the office-industry on the respective trade fairs Light & Building in Frankfurt a.M., FENSTERBAU FRONTALE in Nuremberg, ISH in Frankfurt a.M., EuroShop in Dusseldorf and ORGATEC in Cologne.

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A competition initiated by the architectural journals AIT and xia Intelligente Architektur in cooperation with the BAU fair, Messe München.