Issue 09 | 2019


Dear Readers,

my city tip after this year’s summer holiday is definitely Thessaloniki! Not only because of the picturesque markets with the air of bygone times, with an exuberant assortment of fresh fruit, vegetables, meat and bread through to small pieces of furniture (picture above), clothing, bags, books and jewellery. Anyone who has ever strolled through the Mondiano Market Hall or the halls of the Kapani Market in Thessaloniki’s old town remembers very rudimentary shopping experiences seeing, touching, smelling, tasting – while all this is accompanied by the screams of the market traders. Wonderful! Hopefully, the architects from Sparch, who are to transfer the Mondiano Hall into the present by mid-2020, will be able to preserve precisely these qualities. I’ll check next summer!

That’s exactly what it’s all about nowadays, when stationary retailers want to keep pace with online trading: it’s about shopping experiences with all senses. Sales expert Uwe Günter von Pritzbuer states in his article “Zum Anfassen” (p. 124), “In online shopping, three out of five senses are neglected, only hearing and seeing are addressed. With about 30,000 advertising messages hailing down on each of us every day of which apparently only 52
can be perceived it seems only logical to address the customer emotionally, i.e. haptically.

The shops, stores, boutiques, food courts, bakeries, wine cellars even the car wash that we have selected for this issue on “Sales and Presentation” (starting on page 76) perfectly meet this requirement and also look excitingly different. And because an idea is always only half as good as its implementation, we have compiled products (p. 68), books (p. 72), wallpapers and wall paints (from page 58) to match the magazine’s theme.

Patina is certainly the design bracket of our “Lojas com História” photo series (starting on page 128), showing the cultural heritage of Lisbon in photographs of historical shops. Even back then, people knew that shopping with all your senses would stimulate business!

Best wishes
Petra Stephan, Dipl.-Ing.
Chief Editor

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