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At kiosks as of December – AIT 12/17 Banks and Public Authority Buildings

The design of banks, insurance companies and public authority buildings is to inspire confidence and provide security. At the same time, the design communicates company messages. The different ways in which architects and interior designers accomplish this construction task is shown by our selection of banks in Zurich, Kempten and Paris, as well as of city halls, district courts, ministries and embassies in Tonder in Denmark, in Maithenbeth, Mosbach, The Hague and London. Our December issue will also inform you about the possibility of investing your money in a wineBank, how the light design in the Stuttgart Landtag works and the architect and criminologist Andrea Seelich will comment on the subject of prison architecture. As usual at the end of the year, we will show Christmas presents for and by architects and interior designers and announce our big Christmas competition!

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