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AIT 12.2022 Banks and authorities – appropriate interventions

Concentrated current global challenges – from the pandemic to climate change to the Ukraine war, from the shortage of skilled workers and raw materials to rising prices and inflation rates – also require banks and authorities to rethink their construction tasks. That’s why we have researched appropriate interventions for this issue – well-set extensions, sensible refurbishments and suggestions for further building that lead to forward-looking solutions with moderate use of materials and land. Two banks in Meyrin or Sarnen are anything but representatively ostentatious, but accessible-empathetic. Authorities in Starnberg, Korbach, Darmstadt and Plochingen invite the public to get together at a low threshold. The fact that you can stash not only money but also wine in a bank is encouraging! The young generation of architects is responding to these problems with appeals, campaigns and initiatives, which we in AIT are supporting in the media. At the Light & Building trade show in Frankfurt and the Orgatec trade show in Cologne, we also saw a heightened awareness of the problem. One event highlight in the fall was certainly the 70th anniversary celebration of the bdia in Detmold, where it was founded. In AIT 12.2022 we show atmospheric pictures and the dense, varied program.

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