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AIT 9.2022 Retail and presentation – setting the stage perfectly for products

According to the latest survey by the German Shopfitting Association dlv, representatives of the shopfitting industry are quite optimistic about the future. And we couldn’t help but feel the same way when selecting projects for the themed issue on retail and presentation. Instead of complaining about the external circumstances, they invested heavily in the design of shops and showrooms. We selected projects that seemed particularly independent, exemplary and inspiring. We present empathetically and relationally designed grocery shops and completely new, digital retail formats. We show hairdressing salons and clothing shops to glasses shops and jewellers – what they all have in common is an outstanding design idea that perfectly sets the scene for the product to be marketed. Shopping with all the senses is once again the theme, reflecting the quality of the goods or services aesthetically is the idea! This year, trade fairs have already been held again, and several more are planned for the coming months. In her article “Long live the trade fair!” retail expert Janina Poesch analyses the quite changeable format, looks back at the past and develops perspectives for the future.

Architects, interior designers, designers, interior designers and lighting planners from almost 30 countries around the world read AIT. Almost 25 percent of the circulation is delivered abroad, which is why the ten editions of AIT are bilingual – German/English. AIT is the official organ of the BDIA (Bund Deutscher Innenarchitekten).

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