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„Fahr Rad!" - Ausstellung im AIT-ArchitekturSalon Hamburg
„Fahr Rad!" - Ausstellung im AIT-ArchitekturSalon Hamburg
(RE)CONNECTING - Architekten- und Planertag 2019
(RE)CONNECTING - Architekten- und Planertag 2019
Mit der Zukunftsfähigkeit unserer Städte setzte sich am 12. September 2019 der von AIT-Dialog und ACO konzipierte Architekten- und Planertag auseinander, der bereits zum fünften Mal schleswig-holsteinischen in Büdelsdorf stattfand und mit rund 300 Besuchern auf große Resonanz stieß.

AIT 10.2019 Office – Tailor-made workstations

There are around 18 million screen and desk workstations in Germany, the proportion of office workers in the employed population is around 50 percent and is expected to continue to grow. For those who feel that their workplace is tailor-made for them! There is certainly still room for improvement, but more and more employers are trying to sweeten their employees’ office work with a feel-good atmosphere. This is particularly successful for architects and interior designers, who are planners, builders, employers and users all at the same time. We have compiled successful examples for you and let the cultural historian Heiko Eikhoff have his say on the subject of “well-being in the office”. Let us inspire you to create tailor-made workplaces!

Architects, interior designers, designers, interior designers and lighting planners from almost 30 countries around the world read AIT. Almost 25 percent of the circulation is delivered abroad, which is why the ten editions of AIT are bilingual – German/English. AIT is the official organ of the BDIA (Bund Deutscher Innenarchitekten).

XIA 108 Building envelope – Roof – Building with glass

Facades have always been the protection and decoration of a building. It is no secret that in recent decades the demands placed on the outer shell of a building have grown in terms of technology, energy efficiency, material innovation and design. You can find out how Behnisch Architects have further developed their façade systems over the years with three current projects. The projects by ahrens grabenhorst, Sou Fujimoto, Nicolas Laisné and OXO Architects as well as Trapeze Architecture feature completely different facades.

xia is the interdisciplinary trade journal for innovative building. Its special form of architectural observation encompasses the entire performance of a building, from design to operation.

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„Fahr Rad!” – Ausstellung im AIT-ArchitekturSalon Hamburg

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