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AIT 9.2020 Retail and Presentation – In times of Corona

As always, we have been on the lookout for unusual shop-fitting projects for the “retail number” and – despite Corona – we have found plenty: Fashion stores in Los Angeles, Fukuoka and Shenzhen, a flower store from Barcelona and a bakery from Vienna. Also in the magazine: bridal fashion stores in Munich and in Petrer in Spain, a mortician in London, a parcel store in Helsinki. Architect Christoph Stelzer from the Stuttgart retail agency dfrost reports on the design of the point of sale in times of Corona and afterwards, and anyone wondering how to proceed with the subject of trade fairs will be interested in the article “Messe 2021”. The communication agency ad modum from Potsdam has interviewed creative people worldwide – we present the answers.

Architects, interior designers, designers, interior designers and lighting planners from almost 30 countries around the world read AIT. Almost 25 percent of the circulation is delivered abroad, which is why the ten editions of AIT are bilingual – German/English. AIT is the official organ of the BDIA (Bund Deutscher Innenarchitekten).

XIA by AIT 3-2020 – Building on, in and with water

After the basic elements earth (XIA 1-2020) and air (XIA 2-2020), our third XIA issue focuses on the topic of water. The wet element plays just as much a role in the design of the diving tower in Millstatt as it does in the residential building in Darlington, the house of prayer in Abu Dhabi, the school building in Taluk Du, Thailand, or the latest stations on the Norwegian landscape routes. Project reports and products on the subject of glass complement our report section and in our series and sections Student Work, Change of Perspective, Art + Architecture and Personalities – as on our cover picture – we focus on people in architecture.

xia is the interdisciplinary trade journal for innovative building. Its special form of architectural observation encompasses the entire performance of a building, from design to operation.

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Dialog nach 6 // virtuell – Meilensteine

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