Issue 6.2021


Dear Readers,

The catering trade is still alive! We provide proof of this good news in this AIT issue on the subject of Bar Hotel Restaurant. In recent months, restaurateurs in particular have suffered from the pandemic-related restrictions – fortunate are those who were able to make a virtue out of necessity and used the lockdown to revise their concept or even make a fresh start. Such was the case at Stuttgart’s Classic Rock Café (above and from p. 68) and in the bars (from p. 72), restaurants (from p. 76) and hotels (from p. 96) in Nuremberg, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Berlin, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, London, Basel, Valencia and Barcelona. The “Women in Architecture Festival Berlin 2021”, which started on June 1, still has to take place largely without female visitors. This has encouraged us to feature a special section to show that women are more present in (interior) architecture than ever before! Starting on page 10, we focus on “Women in (Interior) Architecture” with a selection of portraits of female (interior) architects, a calendar of events and interviews with outstanding representatives of our profession. The series section also revolves around female protagonists: architecture professor and writer Dr. Jana Revedin (from p. 30) describes the lives of three strong women in architecture and culture in her books. In the series “Living in Icons” (from p. 34), Daniela Keck describes the impressively passionate and to this day female-led (building) history of Briol; and Gisa Lankenfeld and Ann-Sophie Lehmann present their master’s thesis “Adventure Bath for the Senses” (from p. 36) at the Düsseldorf University of Applied Sciences. Our literature tips (from p. 64) recommend new publications on tourism, catering and women in architecture, interior design and art. Needless to say, the majority of our selected catering projects were developed by women or with their involvement. In the table of contents, the articles are all marked accordingly. This makes it crystal clear: The future of (interior) architecture is female! Well, we knew that already!

Best wishes
Petra Stephan, Dipl.-Ing.
Chief Editor

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