Issue 5.2020


Dear Readers,

until recently it was unimaginable: At the time of our editorial deadline, all public buildings that we present to you in this AIT issue — and not only those — are closed! Whether kindergarten, school, university, library or church; whether in Cologne, Stuttgart, Basel, Zurich, Helsinki, Prague, London or Toronto — all of them, around the world! Obviously, a construction task aimed at generating community, security and integration does not serve the currently demanded isolation. How important classrooms and the didactic activities offered in them are for children of all ages, became clear to most families in the compulsory community at home. The joy will be immense when the institutions are open again. If you are currently planning a facility for children, you will find suitable furnishing suggestions starting on page 54. It was fortunate that Domenik Schleicher and Michael Ragaller had already given us an exclusive guided tour (picture on the right) of the renovated Church of St. Fidelis in Stuttgart (picture above) in December, and that they were able to explain to us the impressive concept of the transformation into a spiritual church music centre (p. 102). The Light & Building trade fair in Frankfurt was one of the first events to be postponed. Our article Light & Shadow (p. 26) presents current luminaire design. We have set up a special service for all AIT and XIA subscribers whose offices are currently deserted and whose employees work at home. Our magazines should be available to all readers despite the difficult circumstances. Therefore, we will send the e-papers of our current issues to you and your employees in your home office. All you have to do: send an e-mail to! You will then receive access to the current e-paper issues of AIT and XIA. Stay healthy and cheerful!

Best wishes
Petra Stephan, Dipl.-Ing.
Chief Editor

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