Issue 4.2020


Dear Readers,

who would have expected that! In times of social distancing, the office workplace suddenly comes into focus. After all, it has to meet extremely contradictory requirements and master real challenges. On the one hand, close cooperation, smooth communication and inspiring interaction seem to be the company’s recipe for success. On the other hand, the possibility of personal retreat and considered distance should preserve the health and productivity of employees. Offices with an intelligent and professional design can do both, we found out after selecting the projects for this AIT issue on Offices and Administration. The skilful mix of flexibly separable work areas and individually configurable situations in the open-plan office allows targeted responses to special requirements. The best project examples from Stuttgart, Cologne, Berlin and Hamburg, Monthey in Switzerland, Westouter in Belgium, London, Taipei and Mumbai can be found from page 76 onwards. We present selected well-designed office furniture and functional acoustic products from page 52 onwards. At the trade fairs in Frankfurt and Milan, we wanted to get even
more inspiration for office furnishings, but that didn’t come about. The last events we were able to attend were the presentation of the INsider Award 2019 (picture on the right) and the EuroShop in Düsseldorf. You find details about the most exciting presentations starting on page 28. The large number of guests at the 12th INsider Award ceremony for the best interior design achievements is certainly due to the great popularity this annual meeting of interior specialists enjoys and the already legendary internal networking. There is also agreement among the INsiders about the award’s significance: being nominated or even winning is definitely beneficial to the number of commissions. This issue features excellent examples by Seel Bobsin Partner (p. 90), Scope Architekten (p. 94), Lepel & Lepel (p. 114) and Studio Komo (p.76; picture above). Please send your nomination for the next award to!

Best wishes
Petra Stephan, Dipl.-Ing.
Chief Editor

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