Issue 12.2020


Dear Readers,

we look back on a year of challenges. It is pointless to list all the things we missed in 2020, all the places we did not visit and all the things we planned but could not implement. However, we were also able to observe that particular appreciation has been shown for our editorial work in recent months: that our readers have more time and interest in reading well-researched and well-designed print products, that (interior) architecture firms are now more committed to office marketing and to preparing their completed projects for publication, and that companies — for lack of trade fair encounters — are increasingly seizing the opportunity to inform (interior) architects about their products through AIT. The fact that we have managed to send all ten AIT issues to our subscribers on time in this demanding year and organised two Innovation Awards (Architecture+ Technology for Light+Building from p. 118) despite the cancellation of trade fairs is owed to a very committed editorial team, above all my deputy, Dr. Uwe Bresan. With this issue on banks and public authorities, his work for AIT comes full circle. Since joining us in 2008, he has — believe it or not — accompanied, supported and conceived 125 issues of AIT with great dedication and competence. Endowed with an unerring feeling for news, with a sound knowledge of architecture, architectural theory and design, with a constant curiosity about people, projects and products, with a passion for the written word and his delight in communication in any form and at any time, Uwe was not only the perfect colleague but also a good friend, whom we wish the very best for his future. I think that only the upcoming Christmas period can give this exhausting year a positive turn. We would like to contribute to this and invite you to take part in our annual AIT Christmas raffle. On page 58 you will find out what presents you can expect if you send an e-mail with your address to by 11 December. We would like to thank you for being a loyal reader and wish you and your families a merry, relaxed Christmas holiday and a much better, healthy and peaceful 2021!

Best wishes
Petra Stephan, Dipl.-Ing.
Chief Editor

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