Issue 1/2.2022


Dear Readers,

The summary for the past year could be: Good that it’s over! Of course, we had hoped that the pandemic would be a thing of the past, but reality has disabused us. Learning from experience and making the most of the situation will probably continue to determine our actions in 2022! In recent months, this has obviously also been the maxim of the hardhit retail and trade fair industry. When selecting projects for this AIT issue on the topic of “Sales and Presentation”, we were again able to see how resilient many members of the industry are, how flexible, inventive and courageous! There is no other explanation for the large number of brand-new exhibition stand and shop fitting concepts that we feature from page 60 onwards. All projects share the message that buying and consuming are not just banal necessities that can be done online joylessly. Rather, professionally designed spaces create sensual, inspiring environments that turn shopping into an enjoyable experience. This includes highlighting the value of individual products, and it is not surprising that the presentation of food currently has a very special significance. Best examples are the appetisingly fresh supermarket (p. 94) or the hip bakeries in Berlin (p. 96) and Stuttgart (p. 100 and pictures on this page). Recognising
trends, following and developing them with creativity is especially important in sectors that focus on body awareness, well-being and health, such as cosmetics, hairdressing and tattoo studios (from page 68), bicycle and sports shops (from page 84). Designing a children’s clothing shop that negates gender segregation (p. 112) is just as contemporary as the idea of shopping centres as a physical-digital community space (p. 104). While the authors Tobias Kollmann and Marc Heikaus take a look into the (near) future, the photographs by Vladimir Antaki (p. 116) take us back to a completely different world of retail and consumption. The good news for the year ahead could be: difficult times not only require
but also promote innovative and intelligent ideas! We wish you lots of them!

Best wishes
Petra Stephan, Dipl.-Ing.
Chief Editor

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