Sto-Foundation supports architecture education

Since it’s founding in 2005 the Sto-Foundation gets involved in the professional training of young painter and plasterer as well as in academic education of future architects. Each year 350.000 Euros can be invest in projects, that wouldn’t be possible unsupported. Thereby Sto-Foundation supports interdisciplinary and boundless. Considering global climate change and comprehensive demographic change Sto-Foundation prepares talented students for their future responsibilities. Events, publications, lecture series and summer schools are being supported. Classic event forms, such as the annual “November Reihe” in Stuttgart are funded, as well as competitions for suitable forms of education, practical seminars, workshops or summer- Universities. Furthermore individual projects can be supported through scholars. Grant applications to the Sto-Foundation are possible anytime.

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AIT and XIA by AIT

For more than 120 years, Verlagsanstalt Alexander Koch (VAK) has been publishing high-quality and trend-setting specialist literature for architecture, interior design and design. In addition to the flagship AIT, whose focus is primarily on interior design, the publishing house has also published an accompanying building construction magazine, XIA by AIT, since the 1990s. With both titles, the publishing house addresses architects and interior designers as well as specialist planners from all disciplines involved in construction. The magazine AIT – founded in 1890 under the title “Innendekoration” (Interior Decoration) – is known as a brand within the international architectural landscape and has meanwhile won several awards as a specialist medium. Ten thematic issues are published annually in German and English, sorted according to construction tasks (including housing, office, catering, healthcare buildings, public buildings, banks).

Logo Xia by AIT


In four issues per year – sorted according to the elements fire, water, earth and air – the architecture magazine xia deals with all aspects of contemporary building – from the counter to the city. Agile and internationally oriented, bilingual and graphically appealing, xia shows how architecture for the 21st century can succeed by means of current, outstanding projects in terms of design, structural engineering and construction.

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AIT-Dialog is the brand name of GKT, which – like the Alexander Koch publishing house – is part of the Weinbrenner publishing group, a family business with a long tradition, now in its fourth generation. AIT-Dialog produces architectural publications and magazines and organises exhibitions, innovation awards, congresses, roadshows, symposia, test series, events, competitions and workshops in partnership with AIT and XIA by AIT – all from a single source, worldwide and in the AIT ArchitekturSalons.



Since 2009, AIT-Dialog has been operating galleries in Hamburg, Cologne, and Munich – the AIT ArchitekturSalons, which deal with issues of building culture and design – ranging from urban planning, architecture, and interior design to construction-related product design. In order to pass on the passion for architecture in a vivid way, a diverse mixture of different aspects of the building sector is presented in changing exhibitions: numerous themed and group exhibitions as well as extensive work shows by established, international architecture firms and presentations by the young generation that will determine the building sector in the future.

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