Issue 12 | 2015


Dear Readers,

Sometimes, you already have to think of the projects of tomorrow and beyond and dare to take a look over the construction site fence: A regional state bank has a new building constructed at the Domshof in Bremen. After demolishing the old building, construction works behind the listed façade of the bank’s original building at the cathedral square are in full swing. Until summer 2016, a bank building will be completed here (according to the design by Zurich-based architect Caruso St John), which will enrich the historic environment between the town hall (also see page 140) and the cathedral, whilst also allowing modern banking operations. We are looking forward to see the result! If the interiors are successful, we will present them to you in AIT 12/16, our next issue focusing on bank buildings. However, we are still in the here and now – in 2015. For the last issue of this year, we have taken great pains to compile a variety of remarkable bank and authority buildings – in line with the theme of this issue – and pre-Christmassy news. Although latest political events could indeed contribute to encouraging fear and mistrust of anything foreign, we would like to use our articles “Welcome!“ (starting on page 10) and “Charity” (starting on page 24) to present projects by colleagues, which have the opposite effect and demonstrate that sensible and good things can be done in various ways. (Financial) supporters are welcome everywhere! For those lacking ideas for tangible architectural Christmas gifts we provide a remedy, too. On page 169, you find oddities and scurrilities for and from (interior) architects! Or do you prefer a travel voucher? Before you start flirting with the idea of participating in a watercolour course in Tuscany, read the declaration of love of Icelandic architect Soffia Valtýsdóttir to her home city of Reykjavik (page 60)! A perfect winter’s tale! Speaking of reading: What happened to our author Dominik Reding at the registry office is almost unbelievable – but very entertaining (page 72)! We wish you an equally enjoyable (pre-)Christmas Season and a relaxed New Year!

Best wishes
Petra Stephan, Dipl.-Ing.
Chief Editor

150 Jahre Walter Knoll (Seite 44) – Grund zum Feiern mit Markus Benz!

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