beyond – architecture across continents #6

The digital series beyond – architecture across continents will run for the sixth time on 15th November 2023!

We will continue the virtual journey to renowned architects and exceptional building projects in November. Our keynote speaker Mario Cucinella (Mario Cucinella Architects, IT-Bologna/Milan) and Binke Lenhardt (CROSSBOUNDARIES, CN-Beijing) will once again address the challenges that require rethinking and changing the way we deal with resources and, consequently, building, worldwide due to climate change, demographic trends and social responsibility. On-Site, Rieks Hulst (ACO), Chiel Lansink (IAA Architecten) and Jens Schutrup (Stadt Raalte) will present a current project, where thanks to blue-green infrastructure the transformation into a climate-resistant, sustainable and livable urban space has been successful. In addition, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Wolfgang Dickhaut from HafenCity University Hamburg will give a short impulse on the topic.

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We started the virtual tour through seven continents in March 2021 with Peter Rich (PETER RICH ARCHITECTS, ZA-Johannesburg) and Kunlé Adeyemi (NLÉ, NG/NL-Lagos/Amsterdam). They presented some of their projects on the African continent to more than 1200 international audience members from 40 countries. This successful launch was followed by the second edition of the event with presentations by Marina Tabassum (BGD-Dhaka) and Simón Vélez (COL-Bogotá) in June and in October 2021 beyond #3 with Sinus Lynge (EFFEKT, DK-Copenhagen), Nader Tehrani (NADAAA, US-Boston), Manal Rachdi (OXO Architectes, FR-Montreuil) and Marko Dabrovi? (Studio 3LHD, HR-Zagreb). In April 2022, it continued with presentations by Alberto Veiga (Barozzi Veiga, ES-Barcelona) and Võ Tr?ng Ngh?a (VTN Architects, VN-Ho Chi Minh City).Last year we were able to listen to Angelika Schmid (Werner Sobek, Stuttgart), Michael Rathgeb (ingenhoven associates, Düsseldorf) and Alison Brooks (Alison Brooks Architects, London). As of yet the digital lecture series has established itself with overall more than 6.000 registrations from 95 countries as well as 2.5000 live participants from 6 countries worldwide. A huge success story!

Look forward to the continuation of the lecture series!

The event is aimed at architects, urban/landscape planners and engineers. It will be held in English. Audio channels in many other languages are available.

The livestream is accredited as a professional education program by various German chambers of architects and planners.

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AIT-Dialog and ACO jointly invite you to the virtual event series “”, which focuses on responsible architecture in times of global transformation and changing conditions as well as climatic challenges. Four times a year, renowned architects from seven continents – Europe, North America, South America, Asia, Africa, Australia and Antarctica – discuss various topics and examine the issue from an ecological, social, societal and economic perspective. The focus is on trendsetting building projects that respond innovatively, experimentally and sustainably to the consequences of change on a global and local level as well as to extreme conditions on site, emphasizing the responsible use of resources and incorporating local construction techniques and building materials.

Under the motto “beyond”, we ask the question: What does responsible planning of the architecture and the city of tomorrow look like that breaks new ground beyond standards and established building techniques and materials? The task of current architecture, urban planning, and the built environment in urban and rural areas is to react flexibly to the changing demands of both their users and their environment and to open up new possibilities for use through transformation beyond the original function. The focus is on buildings that achieve “more” beyond aesthetic demands and functional criteria; integrate expandable functional possibilities; refer to and blend in with their context in the sense of Responsive Architecture; adapt to social and climatic requirements; and were built under fair working conditions with social responsibility.

During the events we will take you “On-Site” on a virtual trip to extraordinary construction sites around the world, showing building projects under extreme conditions. The focus will be on topics that ACO has set itself as a goal, such as groundwater protection, water management, innovative ways for holistic stormwater and drainage management, and supporting the natural water cycle.

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