Issue 01/02 | 2018


Dear Readers,

Have you had a good start to the New Year? We hope so! For us it has started very dynamically: after four years we thought it was appropriate to refresh both the layout of AIT and its contents. And today, the first AIT issue in 2018 lies in front of you – with a modified, lighter graphic, larger images and additional contents. One of the new series is called “Mrs. Architect” (starting on p. 32) – does it sound familiar? Of course, we were not only inspired by the exhibition at the Deutsches Architekturmuseum (picture left and p. 22), we were even allowed to draw from the DAM curators’ archive and show you a personal and work history of our respected colleagues in each of the coming AIT issues. In the new series “Living in Icons” (from p. 36 on), we present buildings where architectural history can be experienced three-dimensionally and live. Under the heading of “Classics’ Birthday” (starting on p. 28), we are now celebrating products that – developed decades ago – are still part of the favourite repertoire of architects and interior designers today. And because we are of the opinion that good pictures often say more than many words, we now feature the new category “Photo and Space”. In keeping with the theme of our current issue, “Sales and Presentation”, we start with a series of photographs taken by photographer Anja Schlamann (from p. 122 on) and show archaic, unorthodox shop counters. And last but not least, we are once again asking architects and interior designers to help us choose the colours that characterise the three different sections of our magazine. For the first series, we were able to win Peter Ippolito and Gunter Fleitz from the Stuttgart-based Ippolito Fleitz Group (picture on the right). Apart from that, everything is as usual: a large selection of exceptional shop fitting and retail projects, corresponding products, current news from the architectural world – all of which have been selected, researched and reported by committed architecture and interior design colleagues. We would be pleased if you like the “new” AIT as much as we do!

Best wishes
Petra Stephan, Dipl.-Ing.
Chief Editor

Die neuen AIT-Farben kommen von Peter Ippolito und Gunter Fleitz.

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