Issue 09 | 2015

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Issue 09 | 2015


Dear Readers,

Does the term Euclid Analytics ring a bell or has a client from the shopfitting field even confronted you with it? Firstly, I‘d like to mention that it comes from the USA and 74 percent of US citizens think it is scary. Actually, this is a very good reason to not consider it any further! However, we want you to be ready for it: “The US start-up Euclid Analytics uses the WLAN function of smartphones to observe and analyse the shopping behaviour of customers in local retail businesses. That way comprehensive statistics are created, comparable to visitor statistics of an online shop by Google Analytics,” reports “dlv–Netzwerk Ladenbau” in its latest publication. In real life, this means for the customer to be greeted by name by the shop assistant after having been identified via one’s smartphone or to receive recommendations for matching products from the digital mirrors in the changing rooms – horrible concept! The fact that so-called push messages on the smartphone inform the customer about special campaigns without one’s approval when entering the store is already state of the art. Is this really what the customer wants and needs when he actually makes the effort to go to a store instead of ordering products online? We think and hope – it’s not! That’s why we didn’t grow tired of collecting the best, most unconventional, funniest, and most inspiring shopfitting concepts for this issue we could find all over the world (starting on page 92). Since fashion items are the second most purchased goods after food, we also looked into this topic. Distributed over the whole issue, you find – marked with the ? symbol – contributions on architecture and fashion. It is very exciting to read what our colleagues are dealing with in this respect: with the design of shoes, catwalks, handbags, clothing, jewellery, showrooms, galleries – through to fashion photography! And since the topic of colour belongs to fashion as much as to shopfitting and trade fair construction, we have also included a special section on this topic (as from page 76), where Prof. Dr. Klaus Jan Philipp explains why white also is a (good) colour. I have yet looked at the Stuttgart Mall The Gerber (photo left), before life will be breathed into him with the new concept Gerber Upstairs (page 11) meanwhile colleague Uwe Bresan met Rem Koolhaas at the Fondazione Prada in Milan (page 120)!

Best wishes
Petra Stephan, Dipl.-Ing.
Chief Editor

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