| 2 March 2021 – On Site

Mindeerup Piazza | PLACE Laboratory | ACO Australia
Project: Connect South, Perth/West Australia

Transforming Mends Street – A link between urban architecture and local fauna

Situated on the Swan River Foreshore in South Perth, the new Connect South Visitor Hub is a world class public domain offering an impressive contrast to the city’s skyline overlooking the famous Swan River. The precinct acts as a link between pedestrian-friendly open spaces and recreational and entertainment areas. For residents and visitors alike, the plaza also provides a central transport link to Perth Zoo as well as a gateway to the city.

Designers wanted to entwine various contextual local themes relating to urban and natural sustainability with the requirements of a modern urban infrastructure. These were reflected on the pavement, its elements, sculptures and other activation points. A special eye-catcher is the six-ton “Numbat” which serves also as a rain shelter. This was one of the sculptures chosen to reflect Perth Zoo’s dedication to conservation, commitment to wildlife and native fauna.