FORWARD: Impulses of a Future-Oriented Generation of Architects

20. April 2023, Munich, Forum C2

AIT-Dialog is organising a series of lectures with international architectural offices from Asia, Africa, South America and Europe on 20.4.2023 from 10:30 to 17:00, which will focus on the main areas and working methods of young architectural offices and to which we cordially invite you. The event will take place in cooperation with the BAU 2023 trade fair in Munich and is integrated into an extensive supporting programme on current topics in the construction industry. From 17 to 22 April 2023, the focus will be on the key themes of the challenge of climate change, digital transformation, the future of living and resources and recycling. In particular, the versatile lecture and discussion platform in Forum C2 is dedicated to these topics from various perspectives.

The event has been registered with all chambers of architects and urban planners that have an advanced training system.

Registration The Keynote Speakers

Changing value systems, an increasing sense of responsibility for ecology and economy as well as the influence of digitalisation, mobility and flexibility have brought about a paradigm shift in recent years. This change is reflected in the portfolio of young architectural practices. New nomadic ways of working and living influenced the idea of living. It is above all the projects beyond the conventional building tasks that catch the eye: Intermediate and mixed uses, temporary living, transformations of existing buildings into places for the community, and various interventions in urban spaces. These are projects that prioritise collective living areas. Hereby, taking up, interpreting and strengthening the local context plays an essential role.

The focus on the community continues in the way they work: the new generation works interdisciplinarily, collectively and with changing connections. The interaction of different networks makes it possible to design work processes more dynamically and to draw from a broad pool of ideas to achieve new and innovative results. Their practice is based on a well-founded academic discourse, which is why it is hardly surprising that many of them are also active in teaching. Their work moves between creative innovation and academic teaching.

Social integration, sustainability and circular economy are cornerstones of an architectural attitude that can be read across continents. The aim is to reconcile aesthetic guiding principles with a more conscious use of resources or to redefine them through the recycling of building materials. In this way, the current generation is making a decisive contribution to redefining the role of architects. They show that we have to rethink the way we build. Instead of seeing reduction as a restriction, good examples are required that demonstrate how high-quality architecture can be created based on sustainability concepts. The lecture series presents offices from Europe, South America, Africa and Asia.

The Program

10:30 Uhr
Welcome und Introduction Kristina Bacht, AIT-Dialog

10:35 Uhr
Filipe Magalhães, fala atelier, PT- Porto
Aufgabe erfolgreich gescheitert
Task failed successfully

11:10 Uhr
Marija Katr?na Dambe, NOMAD architects, LV-Riga
Architecture Activism

11:45 Uhr
Justin Cooke, Architecture Co-op, ZA-Cape Town
Voice of Land: Echos von der Südspitze Afrikas
Voice of Land: Echoes from the southern tip of Africa

12:20 Uhr
Manal Rachdi, OXO Architectes, FR-Montreuil
Singularität in der Architektur
Singularity in Architecture

12:55 Uhr
Nicolás Viteri, el sindicato arquitectura, EC-Quito
„Accommodating Above“ in Ecuador
Accommodating Above in Ecuador

13:30 Uhr

14:00 Uhr
Anssi Lassila, OOPEAA, FIN-Helsinki
Change Happens in the Margins – Alles hängt vom Maßstab ab
Change Happens in the Margins – It Is All About Scale

14:35 Uhr
Mateusz Adamczyk, BudCud, PL-Krakau
Bildung von Gemeinschaften durch Design
Building Communities by Design

15:10 Uhr
Anni Le, KIENTRUC O, VNM-Ho Chi Minh City
Pufferzone – Spannende Atmosphären gestalten
Buffer zone – Crafting exciting atmospheres

15:45 Uhr
Ermis Adamantidi, Not A Number Architects, GR-Thessaloniki
Vision und Realität in der (jungen) Architektur
Vision and Reality in (young) Architecture

16:20 Uhr
Podiumsgespräch mit den Referent*innen


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