Prize Winner 2014

Statement Tile Award 2014 | 23rd of June 2014 | Hamburg, Germany

Prize Winner: Category Learning

Learning Landscapes  l  Marieke Kums, STUDIO MAKS, NL-Rotterdam

Learning Landscapes l Marieke Kums, STUDIO MAKS


The first design concept impresses with its playful dealing with tiles, but its pictorial nature left several questions unanswered. The revision of the concept focused on exactly this issue.

Previously purely graphical motifs are now replaced with elements that can be actually experienced: a softly curved water landscape washing around greened islands. The play with colours and shapes was continued below the water surface. This subtly supports the texture, the gentle movement of the designed landscape and adds fresh coloured emphases. The scenario, in which the design is presented, has also been cautiously selected and skilfully illustrated – including an offer for a potential implementation.


Prize Winner: Category Wellness / Spa

Volumetric Light  l  Ana Fonseca, DigitaLab, PT-São João da Madeira

Volumetric Light“ l  Ana Fonseca, DigitaLab

Volumetric Light l Ana Fonseca, DigitaLab


The concept idea surprises with its clear spatial structure, which with the sculptural formulation of the interior alone places the use of standard tiles into a new context. The further elaboration adhered to the basic idea and worked it out more precisely. It is impressive, how the effect of the “light eye” was examined and documented, how visual relations were created and how the relationship of interior and exterior was balanced regarding proportions. The use of light and dark hues of the tile series in order to reinforce light and shadow effects is also professional. The precise and yet poetic development of this interior enthuses, the constructive detailing is convincing. Visual presentation and scenery congenially support the communication of the intention of this imaginary place.


Special Mention: Category Housing

Pat(t)io  l  Mariana Sarbova, MOTTO architectural studio, BG-Burgas

Pat(t)io  l  Mariana Sarbova, MOTTO architectural studio

Pat(t)io l Mariana Sarbova, MOTTO architectural studio


For a very specific problem – the dreariness of existing balconies in housing estates consisting of prefabricated buildings – a very specific answer was developed. Whilst the design approach was still a concept clearly focussing on the outdoor space, the in-depth revision expanded and specified the idea. The robust, two-dimensional tile with a diamond shape was developed into a three-dimensional object, which lends itself as a container that can be greened. Or it can simply remain to be a shell interlocking the interior and exterior space, thereby playfully and decoratively upgrading the living space with simple means. The used material is still questionable.


Special Mention: Category Learning

Tiles’ pographic  l  Marine Sulmont, FR-Sénéchas

Tiles’ pographic  l  Marine Sulmont

Tiles’ pographic l Marine Sulmont


Right from the start, the systemic concept convinces with its simplicity and clarity: one type of tile, two colours, five motifs generate an almost infinite number of options. Whilst a magical component that cannot be deciphered is still common to the five basic elements, these fractal structures join together as patterns, signs and words. Clear colours reinforce this effect of this system, which playfully opens up manifold variants. The artistic elaboration exemplary presents and checks a possible spatial use in an wonderful way. The development of a colour sequence elaborating on the combination of two strong colours in a collection would be desirable.