xia 111 | 2.2020 | Air


Dear Readers,

This latest issue of XIA by AIT has an airy touch. Not just because we tidied up the graphic layout a little as part of our redesign at the beginning of the year – we have made “air” the theme of this issue, because the four elements fire, water, air and earth are to determine the contents of XIA by AIT in future. Steel and glass therefore dominate our selected building projects, such as the office building in Nice with workplaces in the open air (p. 70), the glass market hall in Puyang (p. 78) or the hotel in Montpellier with a perforated metal façade (p. 96). In our practice section (from p. 58) we show application examples and the latest product developments in the field of façades and building services technology. Innovations for lighting and solar construction can be found in the report starting on page 110. On 19 March, the Fensterbau Frontale trade fair will be hosting the Forum Architecture-Window-Façade for the 10th time. Perhaps you can follow the lecture programme on the subject of “densification” at the exhibition centre? From page 22 onwards, an special section provides information about the programme and the projects of the five international speakers. A new feature of XIA by AIT is the Family
Affairs series – following the Böhm family (1-2020), we portray the architectural dynasty of the Rasch family. There are around 150 years between the representative of the first generation, Julius, and the youngest architect, Mustafa. On page 55, you can find out how the family’s architectural vocabulary has changed over this period. Have you noticed? We printed this issue on a different, more sustainable type of paper, and we think it feels quite good! As requested by many of our readers, we have started sending XIA by AIT without film packaging at the beginning of the year. Do you approve?

Best wishes
Petra Stephan, Dipl.-Ing.
Chief Editor

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