xia 110 | 1.2020 |Earth


Dear Readers,

we are of the opinion that good architecture has to burn, it has to flow, rise up into the air and yet be firmly anchored in the ground! That’s why we have been happy to take on the new task of making the architecture magazine xia intelligente architektur, which has been published in our publishing house for 25 years, fit for the future. With the established editorial team of AIT, we continue to produce four issues for you each year – now called XIA by AIT, sorted by the elements of earth, air, water and fire. Agile and with an international perspective, bilingual and with an appealing graphic design, XIA by AIT shows what architecture for the 21st century can look like by means of current projects that are outstanding in terms of design, structural engineering and construction. The focus is on smart, ecologically and economically sustainable, creative and formally innovative solutions. Old and new materials, proven construction methods and experimental designs, minimally invasive techniques and sophisticated high-tech installations are equally welcome, as long as their use provides relevant answers to current economic, ecological and social challenges in architecture and urban planning. In our first issue, we address the topic of earth and highlight international architecture made of clay, wood and concrete, new product developments in the corresponding material groups and practical applications. With new series, photo galleries and our cover picture we give priority to the people in architecture! Do you like it? Do not hesitate to contact me at pstephan@ait-online.de! We hope you enjoy the new XIA by AIT!

Best wishes
Petra Stephan, Dipl.-Ing.
Chief Editor

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