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               Die „Supergrafiken“ machten den „Athletic Club“ der Sea Ranch in den 1960er-Jahren weltberühmt. • The "super graphics" made the "Athletic Club" of the Sea Ranch world famous in the 1960s.

               Charles Moore had a great predilection for the bizarre

               The alternation of openness and secureness is the great theme of the house. The
               upper floor, for example, has a large roof glazing above the sleeping gallery and
               only another small window affording a view of the Pacific Ocean, while the ground
               floor opens on all sides onto the surrounding wild landscape with its flora and
               fauna and the constantly changing impressions of the Pacific Ocean. It is a real in-
               door-outdoor experience! The cosy living room and its built-in elements are com-
               pletely carpentered of a simple wooden formwork with partly shows saw marks.  58,5 m²
               The longer we stayed there, the more details we discovered that make the room
               and its fittings very special and inspired us: appealing corners to sit in, practical
               storage spaces, built-in shelves, room-structuring elements, room-forming cantile-
               vers, interesting solutions for washing facilities, specially designed wood connec-
                                                                                                                            18,4 m²
               tors made of metal. Moore seems to have had a penchant for the bizarre, which
               made the furnishings all the more interesting for us: in the kitchen, a collection of
               statues of the Virgin Mary made of old sheet metal, Indian wall hangings that have
               replaced the original wall graphics, collected shells, multi-coloured tiles behind
               the stove, unpretentious luminaires dating from the time of the house's construc-  13 m²  16,3 m²
               tion, architectural models and much more! The house not only allows insights into
               the spatial feeling and ideas of MLTW, but also into the world (of thought) of Char-
               les Moore. You can feel that someone has really lived here with and in this house.
               When it gets dark, the sea glitters and roars. Due to the thin wooden walls and the
               strong wind, it quickly becomes quite chilly in the apartment, which is equipped
               with air heating for the cold season. We preferred the fireplace and let the day
                                                                                                         2 m
               come to an end in front of a warming, crackling fire, hoping that we would soak
               up the genius of the architects over a glass of wine.         Grundrisse Erdgeschoss und Obergeschoss • Ground floor and upper floor plans

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