Interior Scholarship 2019 – the AIT-Scholarship of the Sto Foundation has been awarded!




Jury members of the Interior Scholarship 2019: Peter Cheret, Ushi Tamborriello, Kristina Bacht, Giorgio Gullotta,Tamara Pallasch, Sabine Krumrey and Uwe Koos


The Interior Scholarship, the AIT Scholarship of the Sto Foundation, is awarded four times this year. During the jury session on 26 July 2019, one student each from the Hochschule für Gestaltung und Kunst, Basel, Switzerland the Estonian Academy of Arts, Tallinn, Estonia and two students from the Burg Giebichenstein Kunsthochschule, Halle, Germany impressed the jurors. With a monthly subsidy of 500 Euros each to help cover the costs of living, the students are given the opportunity to fully dedicate themselves to their studies for a whole year.


The Interior Scholarship, the AIT Scholarship of the Sto Foundation, which is endowed with 24,000 Euros, was awarded for the ninth time in 2019. As in previous years, submissions arrived from all over Europe, this time involving 70 applicants from 14 countries. This year’s winners are

Lara Grandchamp (Hochschule für Gestaltung und Kunst, Basel, Switzerland), Karolin Kull (Estonian Academy of Arts, Tallinn, Estonia), Alfiia Koneeva and Janna Theda Radlow (both Burg Giebichenstein Kunsthochschule, Halle, Germany). During the jury session on 26 July 2019 at the AIT-ArchitekturSalon, the jurors Giorgio Gullotta (GIORGIO GULLOTTA ARCHITEKTEN, Hamburg, Germany), Sabine Krumrey (brandherm + krumrey interior architecture, Hamburg, Germay), Tamara Pallasch (pallasch interiordesign, Berlin, Germany), Ushi Tamborriello (ushitamborriello Innenarchitektur Szenenbild, Rieden b. Baden, Switzerland), Peter Cheret (Representative of Sto Foundation Cheret Bozic Architekten BDA DWB and University Stuttgart, Stuttgart, Germany) and Uwe Koos (chairman of the foundation council) assessed and discussed both the quality of the submitted student projects as well as the creative designs of this year’s impromptu assignment, which was an assessment criterion for the sixth time.




This year the students had been asked to create a space themed WEAVING which should have discussed the following questions: How does nature take over space? How does space take over nature? Define spaces in-between, which can evolve when considering the coexistence of nature and space: Which areas can be newly generated when nature creates a space that has never existed before? What is the atmospheric significance this space then assumes, and what are the challenges? When exactly does this space become space and when is it a non-space? Can this interwoven space be a secure place of personal freedom and sovereignty? The personal idea was to be illustrated in the form of individually selected, concept-supporting presentation techniques, such as visualizations, model photos, collages, drawings, sketches, etc.

After an assessment procedure with three rounds and extensive discussion, the jury unanimously determined the winners, who primarily stood out due to their individual attitudes and creative thinking. The available prize money of 24,000 Euros was divided between the four students from Estonia, Germany and Switzerland who can now happily look forward to a monthly allowance of 500 Euros each.


Statement by the Jury on 26th Juli 2019

“When appraising the many good pieces of work, a consistency in the persons approach to the various subjects played a crucial role. Fundamental criteria in our judging were whether the candidates noticeably strove to achieve their own styles and evidenced a clear, independent approach. With 70 entries from 25 countries we faced an astonishing variety and diversity of submissions, which reflected the applicants’ different cultural backgrounds. The impromptu task created a kind of laboratory situation and played a special role in this regard, as the uniqueness of the impromptu task turned out to be an exemplary evaluation method that complemented the candidates’ portfolios. Thanks to the high quality of this year’s entries, it was once again possible to award four scholarships, something extremely gratifying for everybody involved.”



Jury members of the 2019 Interior Scholarship


Kristina Bacht, Kuratorin AIT-ArchitekturSalons und Verlagsleiterin, DE-Hamburg
Prof. Peter Cheret, Mitglied des Stiftungsrats der Sto-Stiftung, Cheret Bozic Architekten BDA DWB und Universität Stuttgart, DE-Stuttgart
Giorgio Gullotta, Giorgio Gullotta Architekten, DE-Hamburg
Uwe Koos, Vorsitzender des Stiftungsvorstands der Sto-Stiftung, DE-Stühlingen
Sabine Krumrey, brandherm + krumrey interior architecture, DE-Hamburg
Tamara Pallasch, pallasch interiordesign, DE-Berlin
Ushi Tamborriello, ushitamborriello Innenarchitektur Szenenbild, CH-Rieden b. Baden




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Discussing the submissions – The Jury met on Juli 26 2019 in Hamburg.